Food Corner

Food rocks the streets. It makes us walk around with our hands full of greasy stuff which is just as good as it gives us this famous desire to puke it all out once it is in it. Urban environments create the necessity to eat out on the street which makes us to exhibitionist eaters, showing where, what and how we satisfy our human body by providing the essentials for further existence.
Berlin is one of the places with a vital street-food-culture, proud home to the infamous Currywurst and the beloved Döner.
Places for fast and cheap food are often far more than just the place where you go when you are hungry. Imbisse, how they are called in German, are hangouts for the rich & poor, social places for small-talks and always a good reason to drink a beer with whoever might stand right next to you. This becomes even easier because of the fact that the basic Imbiss is one of the last male dominated places in public space. Women are a very rare species between french fries, sausages and garlic-sauces, some of them work there but by the time the sun goes down they become a men-only-environment where the hard facts count: Food, alcohol & unbeatable prices.
Der Pinguin went on the streets and came back with a culinary road-trip from the streets of Berlin.

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